Mortimer* takes to the road

posted on April 28, 2010 in Fundraising

In early June, our intrepid web designer and developer James Rea expects to be hurting, have widespread aches and pains and be nursing a sore backside.

This is no reflection on the Mortimer Design office furniture (which is actually rather nice). No, the pain will be self-inflicted – and it’s all in a good cause.

James, and another 12 young men who laugh in the face of pain, will be setting off on their bikes on 28 May. This is not so much a sponsored ride as a sponsored tour; the cyclists will be traversing France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

The fundraising ride will take five days and cover around 350 miles (and more if they get lost en route). The punishing schedule is as follows:

Day One: Paris to Saint-Quentin =102 miles
Day Two: Saint-Quentin to Mons = 71 miles
Day Three: Mons to Antwerpen = 71 miles
Day Four: Antwerpen to Rotterdam = 62 miles
Day Five: Rotterdam to Amsterdam = 45 miles
Day Six: straight back to work at 5.30am (just kidding, James!)

The riders are raising money for Cancer Research, and various other charities.

James has chosen the Hospice of the Good Shepherd, a local charity for adult patients with incurable illnesses. It provides pain and symptom management and respite care so that each patient can live life to the full within their capabilities; however, the charity’s running costs are over £6,000 a day, so any support from fundraisers is much appreciated.

If you’d like to support James, click here:

We’ll give you an update in a subsequent Mortimer Design blog.